When I talk to people and they ask me what I do and I tell them I have a haircare brand for people with fine, limp and thinning hair, there is normally a moment of silence whilst they survey my scalp (a quizzically raised eyebrow is not uncommon at this point) and then comes the question...and does it work?
Jonathan Stallick Natural Health Practitioner and Co Founder of Swell

The Barefoot Doctor

19 years ago, Jonathan Stallick co-founded natural remedy range Barefoot Doctor which soon became the well-known natural skincare brand, Barefoot Botanicals. During this time Jonathan was introduced to the world of natural actives, cosmetic manufacturing, branding and all the other aspects of a successful high street brand – soon building a household name from preparing the lotions and potions in his own kitchen.

Having worked at Barefoot on a couple of hair products for problem scalps Jonathan found himself intrigued about fine and thinning hair. After extensively researching the market he found it awash with volumising products that were over hyped and offered little beyond a couple of hours of volume.

Andrew Bidwell Comes on Board

Over the years Andrew also became more and more disillusioned with the hair care products he was being sold, henoticed that even the top, most exclusive brands were using the same ingredients as the supermarket products, their detrimental effect on the fine hair he was working with began his obsession with ingredients and how they work on fine, thinning hair.

Creation of Swell

The introduction to Jonathan Stallick through a mutual friend saw the creation of Swell, Jonathan’s belief in the power of natural ingredients and Andrew’s wealth of knowledge and experience of hair was a powerful combination and they set to work comparing their silicone-free formulas against every brand on the market, and testing on clients for up to 6 months at a time to perfect their unique 3-Step System which delivers ultimate volume and growth.

Almost every haircare product from shampoos to hairsprays is filled with silicones.Silicones are great at giving a high gloss finish and the veneer of shiny healthy hair. But, over time, hair is overloaded, coated by these silicones, resulting in limp, oily hair that’s starved of nutrients.
Andrew Bidwell Top UK hair stylists and Co Founder of Swell

Swell: A Destination Brand

Swell, a pioneer in creating products that genuinely provide long-term, outstanding results is one of the most dynamic and accomplished hair care ranges in the UK today and is rapidly becoming the destination brand for fine and thinning hair. A leader in its field, Swell is at the forefront of innovation with its natural, no silicone, no sls, and no paraben formulas. Having cultivated an international following, received endorsements from leading beauty editors, professional hair stylists, celebrities and winning several awards since it launched in 2013, Swell’s growing status, reputation and recognition is further underlined by being available at several prestigious retailers; Boots online, Liberty, M&S Beauty, Lloyds Pharmacy, FeelUnique.com, Naturisimo.com and Wholefoods.

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