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Swell's fine hair experts show you how to keep your hair in tip top condition over the party season.


  • Hair frazzled from party season heat styling? While it's tempting to reach for silicone-loaded conditioners and masques to temporarily smooth out frizz, they will only coat the hair, weigh it down and create greasy, limp hair. They also mask damage and resist uptake of good ingredients. Swell’s formulas contain no silicones, just 97% natural goodness to leave fine hair looking rich, luxurious and vibrant with natural colour #SoLongSilicone#HelloHealth

  • Don't think of Swell Ultimate Volume Root Complex as just another volumising spray. Yes, it creates immediate fullness, but it also works on nourishing hair follicles to improve healthy growth and reduce shedding too. Spray onto scalp at least once per day - even if you don't blow-dry every day, massage the non-sticky spray into your scalp to feed the roots and keep your scalp healthy #FeedTheFollicle#VolumeRevolution

  • Bristle brushes and dryers at the ready! Switch to a natural bristle brush for blow drying - they won't over heat fine hair like metal brushes can - and keep your dryer on a medium setting for the perfect volume blow dry #VolumeRevolution